30 Days to Social Media Strategy Creation Course

30 Days to Social Media Strategy Course

Build a Social Media Strategy that you will be able to refer back to again and again.

Thank you so much for checking out the 30 days to Social Media Strategy Course. 

I am excited that you are here and this course is going to help you to get from where you right now to posting every single day without having to think too much about it. 

We will be going through how to find content to post, how to structure posts and what to post every single day. 

Creating a strategy is not easy, this will take you some time and you will need to commit to this every single day. But at the end of the 30 days, you will have a strategy in place that will allow you to grow your business, start to see leads coming in and understand how to get insights into what you have created and improve on it for the following month.

Let's take your social media to the next level in the next 30 days. 

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Deasha Waddup
Deasha Waddup

About the instructor

I have been working with social media and digital marketing for years now. I have run campaigns for small start-ups right up to multi-million-pound companies and have worked with businesses all over the world. I have run my own adverts for my business and have been able to generate an engaged audience across all social media platforms. I want to have the opportunity to share with you my knowledge. I have taught start up businesses over skype on one-on-one for a while when I decided I would be able to help more and more people if I set up an online course. 

What's included?

32 Videos
6 Texts